New Home for Pure Padre

February 8, 2009

Please go to to see the new home of Pure Padre. The other blog was too hard to manage with all the frustrating technical problems.

Kite Festival Today

February 1, 2009

 Today was the kite festival on the flats at South Padre Island. It was very busy today with so many people everywhere. It is wonderful to see so many people out and about in this fantastic weather.

Tomorrow will bring more of the same and I will post pictures of the best of the best for you. Followers continue to increase for the best inside scoop on this blog and on I am so blessed.


Can You Believe?

January 28, 2009


Can you believe that it was only a little over a month ago when everyone was singing glad tidings?


Everyone was in good spirits and there were spirits everywhere?


Beautiful Santa’s helpers were only too glad to help.


Children excitedly waited for the annual visit by dear Old Claus and told him their deepest desires.


He listened with patient ear…


and was the most popular guy in town.


These adorable reindeer were decorated and hung on the Christmas tree with care.








I have found that the people here in this small town have the same giving and caring spirit year round.


Today was 76 degrees, warm and sunny and these memories of Christmas are long gone in some people.  Toys have broken and gifts returned but I will never forget what a wonderful season it was.

Grapefruit Sale

January 27, 2009

If you want FRESHLY PICKED grapefruit, please call the Martinez family at 956-233-9660 or 210-723-3002 or send an email to for some sweet, freshly-picked Rio Red grapefruit from their farm at 104 Chachalaca Dr. in Bayview, Tx.

The grapefruit will be in season until June ’09. They can deliver 5 bags or more in Port Isabel, SPI, Los Fresnos, or Bayview. $5.00 – 18 lb. bag or $6.00 – bucket or pick your own.

Dolphin Heroes

January 24, 2009


                                  (photo credit-

Dolphins have been said to be angels in animal form. Here is an example:

Dolphin Heroes Save Swimmers

Last November four lifeguards were on a training swim about 100 yards off
shore at Ocean Beach in New Zealand when a pod of six or seven bottlenose
dolphins suddenly appeared. “They started to herd us up,” said Rob Howes,
one of the four swimmers. “They pushed all four of us together by doing
tight circles around us, rather like a sheepdog rounding up sheep.”

Then they saw why. A great white shark was cruising toward the group only 7
ft below the surface, “as clear as the nose on my face.” The dolphins had
moved in to protect the swimmers, slapping the water with their tails,
presumably to deter the shark. They surrounded the swimmers for 40 minutes
and did not open their circle to allow the lifeguards to swim to shore until
the shark had disappeared. The four swimmers were saved thanks to the heroic
efforts of these gentle mammals. Auckland University marine mammal research
scientist Rochelle Constantine said that the dolphins’ altruistic response
was normal. “They like to help the helpless.”


Truly Shocking Christmas Photos

December 27, 2008

I was hit by nothing but bad news today from many different issues going on so I had feelings of anger, frustration, disappointment and sadness taking turns at #1 in my head. This upset was so bad that no chocolate or candy could console me. My husband asked, “Is there anything else you want?” when we were at the grocery store and I snapped back, “Do they sell happiness in a bottle? Oh yeah, its at the bar,” and he glared at me because alcohol has ruined so many lives as these following pictures I took today in Port Isabel, Texas will attest. Please, remember that alcohol is a drug too and it should be used in moderation. These images are graphic so please, if there are small children around or if you have a weak stomach, please, go no further. These shocking images are called, “Christmas, The Day After.”

The first step is admitting you have a problem.














This havoc was created by some very strong winds and none of these decorations were injured in this filming. Seriously, I have some friends who DO need your help. My friend, Bill Plouffe, fell 30 feet in a horrific accident a few days ago, broke his back and is paralyzed. He is in critical condition and his distraught family needs your help. Please donate whatever you can to help defray expenses as their income is now zero. They don’t know what they are going to do, but for now, let’s help them get through this horrible tragedy. Please contribute to the “William A. Plouffe Fund” at Lone Star National Bank Acct No. 2905004843. The bank can be contacted at 956-982-8530.

You Dirty Dog

December 21, 2008

I spent time with my BFF who was complaining about her ungrateful child. You want to see ungrateful?

Our Schnauzer got out after I had just given her a bath.


She really could not stand smelling nice.


She’s like, “What?”


“Hide me, PLEEZE!”


There’s a bad dog? Where?


Surely, you can’t mean me.


Guess who had to get right back in the washatron?


Dropping the ball

February 16, 2009


Go to for what you want to see.