Amazing Luck

I know how amazingly lucky I am to have the life and love and man I have right now. God works wondrous miracles. Here are some amazing tales of incredible luck.

In the Dent de Crolles region in France, shepard Christian Raymond, 23, was rescued from a cliff from which he had been hanging by his fingers. he had called the emergency rescue operator on his cell phone earlier in the day and managed to make another call from the cliff by pressing “redial” with his nose against the phone, which had fallen down the mountain with him but had landed right beside him. The Edge, March 25, 1999

A mistake on a national Pick 7 ticket was worth $1.6 million to a bettor who selected the wrong number on Breeder’ Cup Day. The 51-year-old engineer who bought the winning ticket said he punched 11 instead of 1 for his selection in the seventh race. “I liked the one and 11 horses in the sixth race, and I liked the No.1 in the seventh,” the bettor said. “But when I punched out my ticket for the seventh, I hit one and 11- the same numbers I had in the sixth – by mistake. The 11 turned out to be Arcangues, the unknown French horse who won the Classic at odds of 133 to 1.” It was the largest in Breeders’ Cup history. He had three other tickets with six winners, too, and collected a total of $1,152,317 after taxes.                           -Oops

Check this one out: Seaman Roy Dikkers during WWII was sealed in a compartment when a German torpedo struck his tanker, he was freed by a second torpedo explosion. Racing on deck, he found the sea around the floundering vessel ablaze with oil fires. He never had to make the fateful decision whether to stay with the sinking ship or risk the fiery sea. A third torpedo blew him far from the scene, beyond the oil slick. Landing near a floating raft, he crawled aboard and was found by a Norweigan freighter three days later.

  • Randy Halvorson was one of 14 employees to share a $3.4 million jackpot in 1988. The Iowa resident then won $7.2 million with his brother in 1990.
  • In Wisconsin, Donald Smith of Amherst has won the state’s Supercash game three times. Each time he won $250,000. The odds of winning the Supercash game just one time are nearly one in a million.
  • Joseph P. Crowley won $3 million in the Ohio lottery in 1987. Six years later, he retired to Boca Raton, Florida and played the Florida lotto on Christmas Day of 1993. He won $20 million. –The Good Luck Book

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