What’s Worse Meth or Heroin?

I think it is so funny when I watch the TV show “Cops” and a policeman from up north somewhere after a “major bust” holds up a teeny-tiny twenty bag of marijuana, smiles at the camera, and says, “Yeah! This is what it is all about! We took a load off the streets!”

Meanwhile back at the ranch, cops in this border area are taking huge loads of drugs off the street as evidenced by today’s Brownsville Herald article, “Investigators seize nearly 200 pounds of pot.” That is a small bust around here. Authorities here regularly take in literally tons of marijuana, hundreds of pounds of cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, meth and other assorted evils. We cannot laugh at their smidgeons though, because all it takes is a little evil sometimes to do a world of destruction. One hit of crack, pot, heroin, or meth may end up leading the user to a path that so many have gone down. It is a wide path crowded with toothless, dirty, smelly, dejected, miserable souls towards the end of the road that only wish they had never gone down that path. That road leads to suicide, jail, death and immeasureable suffering. People at the beginning of this journey still look, sound, smell and think well but the ones on the end of their journey towards hell, or rock bottom, are so fraught with pain, poverty, illness, frailty, suffering, doubt, fear, self-loathing and so many more ills, many are unrecognizable.

The thing that scares me now is that the US strengthened the laws concerning pseudoephedrine, that drug that the meth cooks are after in our cold medicine. That by the way is the reason your cold medicine won’t be as effective this cold and flu season. So, guess who has bravely stepped up to the plate? Mexican drug lords willing to go to any depths to get the almighty dollar. They don’t care how many lives they ruin doling out that poison to the public. They are interested in their immediate gain and nothing less. Some of the most horrifying, grotesque and sad photos are the before and after photos of meth users. When I am asked, I can’t decide which is the worst poison: meth, heroin, crack, or alcohol. All are heavy duty players on the field and each has a very wide belt with millions of notches he can gird around his waist. Elvis’ belts can’t compare to these things. Now we have to watch out for the horrific presence of meth in our community, like the tons of pot, thousands of ecstacy pills and hundreds of kilos of cocaine were not enough. All we can do is continue to chip away at the mountains of illegal drugs coming in through our borders, educate and scare our youth because finding out the hard way about drugs too often results in tragedy. Fear is good sometimes. You should be afraid of getting in the path of a speeding 18-wheeler. You should be scared if a shark is coming up behind you while you are joyfully paddling away and minding your own business. Our children should be scared of the horror, destruction and immeasurable pain that drug abuse creates.

Fear is good when it prevents a fate worse than you could ever imagine.


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