Violets can be Found on a Tropical Island

I have a beautiful friend named Violet, Violet is not her real name, I chose it because she is as pretty as a flower and her stage name, Diamond, is worn-out. I am just kidding about her stage name, though she is sexy. She has the most beautiful face, dark, shiny hair and badass personality you could ever want in a friend.  She can be trusted and that is hard to find. So man people have hurt my by spilling the secrets I entrused them with. There are things she told me that I will take to my grave and I know that she will keep things between us just as confidential.

I met her when she came to work where I worked. I quickly noted that she knew the business and I was worthy of maybe cleaning her feet. She has “managerial” in her so I knew the right position for her was the one that luck had put in my expansive lap. I fully disclosed to her that she would be the perfect one for the managerial position, and I was shifted over to where I would be more productive and effective. I became “Bathroom Technician”, no, I am just kidding. I became my boss’s personal assistant and it was a challenge just to answer calls from him. “The GREAT and POWERFUL OZ” has nothing on this guy. Everybody tries to duck when he is coming down the hall. The good thing is that this man’s booming voice carries and that usually gave me enough time to disappearat least two floors away. One time I told myself, “What am I always ducking and running for? I have done nothing wrong.” and I courageously stepped onto the elevator when I knew he was already in there. In the time it took to go from the third floor to the ground floor, I was convinced that not only was it my fault that the electricians were late, the grounds outside were garbage-strewn and embarrassing but the plants outside were withering due to the global warming I helped create. Damn the truth!

“Violet” was a constant source of knowledge for me; she never made fun of me for not even coming close to the knowledge she had, but was able to teach me in an caring manner. She did not make me feel that “dumbass” was my middle name. Her face was a spot of kindness among the constant disappointment and frustration I felt with myself everyday there. My boss constantly put me down and I would put myself down too, because obviously he was right, he was so much older and wiser. He made me feel like it was a miracle I even could walk from the car to the office without tripping over my clumsy inept feet ad knocking myself unconscious. Seriously, I felt like I should have a finish line set up some mornings to show him that I could make it from the parking lot to the office successfully. There were times when I was really miserable and I looked forward to going to see Violet. I loved hearing what Violet had done that weekend or the night before. She was the bright spot of hope in a dark and hopeless situation.

Violet is a free-spirit. She reminds me alot of myself before I came plunging back to earth at 1,5648 mph and crashed. She can handle living life to the fullest and being a professional. Not too many people can do that. Violet is hilarious; I have never felt so comfortable with another girl talking about just any subject that comes to mind, even if it is a bit risque. Violet gave me self-confidence when I had none. I was stuck in a position where I just accepted being treated like an idiot and she told me, “Why do you continue to put up with it?” I was acting like a woman in an abusive relationship the way I was putting up with the way my boss was treating me. I found out that once a man discovers that he can put you down, he will continue to do so over and over, continually gaining the upper hand while you sink lower and lower in self-confidence until you feel you have to stay there, no one else would want your inferior, incompetent ass and you need that person to survive. I will never forget when Violet told me, “No job is worth the way you have begun to feel about yourself.” If I ever needed to leave an abusive situation in the middle of the night by grabbing my belongings, slinging them into the back of a truck and yelling, “GO! GO! GO! Before the m********* wakes up!”, Violet would be my girl and THAT is a true friend.

They say a friend is someone who helps you move,  but a REAL friend is someone who helps you move the body. That is Violet, my awesome true-blue friend. She is pretty, she is fun, she is confident and that is what makes her beautiful. This is another diamond in my circle of friends. Diamond does fit her because that was she is, a truly rare gem.


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