Another Hurricane in the Gulf

I went to Schlitterbahn to have a good time today and get my mind off of a hurricane that is presently slapping Cuba in the face. His name is Ike and he was a Category 4 before he hit Cuba. I bought some season passes for Schlitterbahn, our local waterpark, and have not used them but once this whole summer.

It was hard to keep my mind off the possibly impending storm when there are directional signs all over the park with the rides’ names on them like: Tempest, Sea Blaster, Gale Force and other such horribly ironic names. Needless to say, I did not have a fun, carefree time. I love South Padre Island and everything about it and I do not want more damage to it. As I floated in the strong current I could see small, telltale signs that a powerful storm had come through and pried off patches of the thatched roof.

I mostly prayed as I looked up into the beautiful blue sky. A friend of mine told me her mother prays about four rosaries a day and said, “I am not up to that level of faith.” I think it is the quality of the prayer not the quantity, though there have been times in my life where I have known nothing else to do but pray my ass off.

Now there is another behemoth out in the gulf.

OK, you won’t believe this. I went to the dock in our backyard and I just saw a fish jump at least one foot up out of the water. He jumped twice actually; when he landed the first time, the splash he made made me look. He jumped again and I saw him leap up out of the water the second time. How sad even the fish love it here so much, they are jumping for joy. I sure hope that storm doesn’t come here and devastate us. That would be horrible. All I can do is pray.

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