South Padre Island’s First Christmas Mercado a Great Success!

November 30, 2008

I read alot. I read somewhere that in blogging you are not to post more than five photos because the reader has an attention span of 3.5 seconds and I should cater to that. I also read not to make blogs too long because the reader has such a short attention span that I need to cater and accommodate him/her. I say, “Too bad.” If you have an attention span of 3.5 seconds how do you drive? How do you work? Do you begin to cross the street and then begin to wander off in another direction? I have read complete books if they interested me in one sitting. I discovered a blog the other day that I could not get enough of and I kept reading and reading and her blogs were looong. I am going to write as I see fit and if a reader drops off because they can’t handle a reading that takes more than 3.5 seconds, I hope they don’t hit their head on the keyboard as they fall asleep. How do those people finish school? I hope to never be in a car with one of those attention-span-challenged-brainiacs as they are driving.

 Today was the first South Padre Island Christmas Mercado and it was a great success.


 Many people came out to check it out.

 I pictured this table with 6 matching chairs going into a big, spacious house with Spanish tile floors.


 There were beautiful flowers for the outside of your home available.


 There was lots of jewelry but these chiles caught my attention immediately. I picked one up and it was heavy. The vendor said they were glass. I said, “How beautiful.” I used to have an earring collection so big I needed one of these display racks but I never had cool chile earrings.



This beautiful dancer kept everyone entranced. I walked back to my booth after taking her picture and EVERYONE’S eyes were glued to her. I walked back to my booth, right past my husband and said, “You don’t even look at me anymore. Something has changed.” and the guy close enough to hear started LOL.


 These hand-painted glass balls looked fragile but so beautiful.




The hardest thing to resist is the smell of barbecue. Once I was walking with my sister at an apartment complex and I smelled barbecue. I said, “Stop!” She said, “What?” I sniffed into the air. “Apartment 3406 is barbecuing on their balcony by the tennis courts.” I sniffed into the air again. “There are 2 leg quarters, some Polish sausage and some onions on the grill.” She said, “Dayum, your radar is gooood.” I said, “That’s nothing. The girl at Dairy Queen on Price Road is making an Oreo Blizzard right now.” She said, “DAyum.”

The smell of these guys’ cooking was wafting over to the main street and kept a steady flow of people going to the food area.





This gorgeous girl was representing the Bamboo Day Spa at 1817 Padre Blvd. Right on the corner of Padre and Palm. 

Back on the main street, one of the mariachis started to get down with TWO lovely ladies.



 I liked the guys in THIS mariachi band right away.


 This booth got my vote for best decorated. 



The entertainment provided was all top-notch and you had to squeeze through the crowd that formed to watch if you wanted to see or take a picture.


This little cutie was adorable.


 So was this beautiful lady.



 This beautiful girl is my daughter. Everyone loved the socks.


Thanks to the generous contributions of bottles from SPI residents and restaurants I was able to embark on a new art project.

This turtle sold immediately.


I went to a friends house to see if she had another empty jug of wine. It was about 10 in the morning. She said, “I am sorry. I have one but it’s full,” so I looked at my watch and said, “OK, I’ll be back around noon.” She said, “WHAT?” I said, “Just kidding.” I laughed hard at the way her eyes popped out of her head with that one.


Boy, did we stop people in their tracks as they were walking by. Everyone said, “Man, those are pretty.” I heard all the comments with my bat-like hearing.


 I knew I would appeal to horse lovers with these beauties.



 This parrot was my favorite because of all the colors.



 I completely sold out of palm trees.  


I almost sold out completely on my shell jewelry.




True to form, this vendor’s catchy decorations led me to walk to her booth and check out her wares.


This mercado provided exposure for Island businesses.


It provided an economic shot in the arm for the slow season in what is a mostly a tourist beacon.


It gave people something different and interesting to do. My daughter and I had a blast singing along with the Mexican singer because we didn’t know the words to the songs but we could fake it well. We have joked that we are going to compete in the South Padre Idol contest and sing songs that we don’t know the words to without using the karaoke machine to cheat for the words. I cracked this singer up when I yelled out, “Viva la Raza!” after one of his songs. It means, “Long live the people,” and he couldn’t stop laughing for a long while.


 Above all, it provided fun for everyone. I heard people saying they hoped it would be even bigger next year. My hat goes off to Nancy Mardsen, Jacky Conrad, Jeanie, Diane and all the others who worked so hard to make this possible for Island businesses, residents and guests. We need to throw THEM a thank-you party. Oh, that reminds me, speaking of partying. A lady and her friends were walking by our booth and like EVERYONE else had to stop and look. I was joking with my daughter about the bottles being filled with wine and I knew the lady had overheard so to be clear I said, “These are not filled with wine.” She goes, “Okay then, we are just going to walk away then.” I loved it! How can you not love living in such a neat place?

Second Wave

November 27, 2008

Here is the second wave of finished work…polar-bear










Ready for the Mercado

November 27, 2008

I have been getting up early to prime and paint and coming home from work and immediately working on my bottles, trying to get all I can before the sun goes down. Then I would go inside to continue working til midnight… day after day after day. Finally, I am starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Here are the finished products I have ready for the Christmas Mercado which will be Saturday at Louie’s Backyard on South Padre Island.











This is how my co-workers displayed some of my work at work.


Poppies, Poppies, Poppies Will Put Them to Sleep

November 26, 2008

I was just in bed talking to the hubby (I couldn’t sleep) and he said, “There’s one thing I want to hand to you. When you go into a store for something, you go straight there and get it. If you are going there for eggs, I’ll be damned if you are going in there for eggs and only eggs. Somebody could tell you ‘Hey, pasta is on sale,’  and you’d be like, ‘Nope, here for eggs, getting eggs, got the eggs, LESSGO.”

It is true. I HATE lollygagging around in stores looking at all the other stuff you can spend money on. All it does is lead to wasted time or coming home with less money than you planned on. So I continued the conversation, “Yep, they could say free bakery goods and I… wait, no, that wouldn’t work. That would get me. Like the Wicked Witch and her crystal ball casting the poppy spell. I’d start to get sleepy and want to stay there… forever.”

Here is the clip:

This is what the sunset looked like day before yesterday when I was outside painting:


Christmas Mercado

November 25, 2008

I have been so busy preparing for the Mercado, I have not had time to do much else. Yesterday, I began working on my artwork at 8:00 am and did not quit until midnight. Today I took a few bottles to work to have them closer to Louie’s Backyard and my co-worker Charlie, “Charlie’d” them up. They looked fabulous. He gave me some tips on how to showcase them on Saturday and I went right out to buy what he suggested. We have spent over $300.00 on supplies easily. Well it wasn’t spent easily, believe me. It is easily over $300.00 with the suede, various paints and brushes, all kinds of stuff.

The good news is my boss LOVED them and said that he would buy every single last one of them if I did not sell all of them. They are beautiful and I had an idea of what people want here. It is an island. Everybody wants tropically-themed art and I have what they want. I have worked my butt off and I can’t wait to hear people fawn over them. I have learned alot, ruined a few bottles, burned my fingers, ruined cups, brushes and what not but now, it has gotten to the point where it is fun. I just pulled the tube of glue out of the glue gun to see how much was left… OOPS. I hope I didn’t just ruin it and fill it full of glue on the inside. I am going to wait til it hardens and knock it out of there. I have learned alot while on this artistic venture. I learned that to remove glue off something, you can put it in the freezer and it will break right off. Also, to clean bottles from the inside, you put raw rice in them with vinegar and let it do its magic. I was so pleasantly surprised to see how sparkling clean they got with the vinegar from the inside. I hope I am a success on Saturday. We pulled all my bottles in from drying outside, then it began to rain tonight. I felt so good when we bypassed all that possible damage to my works of art. It seems like for once, I have the chance to be a success, a real success at an art form. I envy those who can watercolor and do oil painting. I saw a guy once do paintings in 5 minutes flat on tv. It looked so easy. It is not the same when I try it. This time, I am seeing the beauty that I envision come to fruition and that is a great feeling.

This One is for Tim

November 22, 2008

This post is for Tim. I wanted to show him that the Island is handicapped-friendly but the wind can change things… This sand was waist-high.


Wedding Pics

November 22, 2008

Today is our five-month wedding anniversary. We got married on a shoestring budget but had a gorgeous wedding anyway.

This is my brother walking me down the aisle. Aisle, what? You ask. Aisle give you away… gladly.


We got married at Christ Harbor Church, the best church I have ever been to… and I have searched for a good church for a long time.




My handsome husband is wonderful.




Don’t complain about his boots. One lady complained about his choice of footwear. He loves his boots and I don’t care about fitting into what other people think. My priority was fitting into that dress.


God provided me with a perfect match on an intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and many other levels. I have to differ with people who say there is no God because He sent me an angel.