Blue Oyster Cult in Concert

South Padre Island is a veritable paradise with its balmy weather and spectacular sunsets.

Golden, spectacular sunsets are the norm here.









What is out of the norm is seeing really great big name rock-n-roll bands.

The Last Vegas played at Schlitterbahn and tore it up!

This was a high energy rock band.

They were from New York and had everyone screaming, jumping around and banging their heads.

The singer literally bounded around the stage with all his energy

and boy were the girls screaming for him!

I noticed that the huge red face with the dark, empty eyes looming over the crowd was only the sandcastle lit up in red.

The highlight of the night was seeing Blue Oyster Cult Saturday night.

Eric Bloom (above) was on vocals, rythm guitar and keyboards.

The famed Buck Dharma made his excellence on guitar look effortless.

He kept the crowd mesmerized with his guitar mastery.

 When they played, “Godzilla,” the crowd went wild.

“Don’t Fear the Reaper” had everyone singing along.

Buck Dharma was nothing less than awesome.

 Their presence was made possible because of the South Padre International Music Festival.

One Response to Blue Oyster Cult in Concert

  1. i love all your music.i also have it all.i am missing a few tho,i will get them when i find them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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