Life is Funny

This morning we were on our way to work over the Queen Isabella Causeway, the longest causeway in Texas, when my husband said, “Look at the water.” I replied, “It looks like glass.” Then we saw the funniest thing. A pelican was coming in for a landing on the water but he was going too fast so when his beak hit the water he was propelled over and did a flip onto his back. He recovered but shook his head as if saying, “WTH?” I wonder if birds can die of embarrassment. I am sure he was wondering if any girls were watching.  Poor thing. Such is life. I guess this proves EVERYBODY has bad days.

One Response to Life is Funny

  1. Sam Wells says:

    Oh, a dolphin tour guide, an older captain, told us about the pelicans. The older ones go blind from diving in the water all the time! It’s sorta like cataracts.

    So that’s why they tend to travel in packs. The young ones have good eyes and are always hungry – imagine that – so the adults dive bomb wherever the kids go.

    Somehow, they have made it and although once an endangered species are coming back very well. The mainly best on some spoil islands up and down the Intra-Coastal waterway.

    The younger ones have more brilliant colors on their heads including a yellow stripe of sorts – they’re the designated drivers!


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