The Truth

If you are visiting this blog due to my invites from all over the web, welcome. Yes, life is really like this here on BEAUTIFUL South Padre Island, Texas. We are at the southernmost point of Texas where it is warm all year-round. The people are perty and genuinely nice and the food is GREAT! If you have time I invite you to look at just a few of the things there are to do in the area here: and my sister sites for viewing the beach: and for weddings: There is no reason why you should be in the cold, if you are viewing this from up north somewhere, when you could easily be down here in this 89 degree weather. The Island is a great place to visit, or even better -to live on. The good thing about the Internet is you can see it with your own eyes and not have to rely on somebody else’s opinion. What is cheap to somebody else, may be out of my league financially.  What somebody else finds exciting (bungee jumping) might scare the hell out of me enough to cause a heart attack. What somebody finds as boring, I might enjoy immensely. We all have our different interests which is why I like to offer so many different activities to people on our things to do list. Birding may kill people with boredom but others can really identify birds and be thrilled that they see some here they will never see anywhere else. This weekend was a birding festival and I must admit that we live in such a beautiful area that I have a great blue heron that comes to our back dock every morning. There are so many opportunities to really get into something positive and in accordance with God’s will here. I can honestly say I have never been as happy, fulfilled, healthy or content as I have been since I moved to this tropical paradise.  My friends are the best people you could ever want to be with or to know. As the readers of this blog, continue to increase in number, my hope is to spread the joy of God’s love and his blessings through this medium. I hope to continue to make you laugh and smile and stare in wonder at some of these images from down here in beautiful South Texas. They are real. I do not know how to photoshop. I am lucky to even be able to post some images. I just learned how to add images to posts about a month ago. There are some I haven’t been able to post and that is what is holding back the list of things to do on the other Todo Padre site. Boy what a blessing that assignment has been. My greatest fear is how I am going to be able to afford featuring all those activities but one by one each feature is working out perfectly.

We went to Anzaldua’s park to feature the beauty of the park and one guy sitting on the bank fishing with his family talked to us for a while. it turned out he was a descendant of one of the original owners of the land the park was on. He directed us to the church where I had not been able to find the way to get in. There we were able to find out some of the history of that incredible area and get pictures of an earth-stone oven. I don’t know what you call them. They are the ovens the Indians used to use. I have to post those yet. There is so much history, interesting stories and opportunities for learning around. These ladies were telling me about a graveyard that was behind a building and that the land I live on was also all cemetary. Last week, they cleaned up the area behind that bldg. and what do you know? There were gravestones everywhere. It reminded me of one of my favorite lines in any movie… “YOU MOVED THE HEADSTONES, BUT YOU DIDN’T MOVE THE BODIES!!!!!”  If I ever have to say that line in real life, I am moving immediately.


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