Happy Veteran’s Day

Today is Veteran’s Day. That means that I take the time to make an amazing meal for my husband, a Vietnam Veteran. For the last two years, it was turkey tetrazzini. This year it was wide egg noodles baked in a casserole with fresh carrots and onion and cubed chicken in a creamy sauce, served with fresh buttered French bread. I have to go all out. It is the least I can do for someone who so bravely risked his life. I wouldn’t. I’d be the first one waving a white flag giving the enemy island, peninsulas, continents, whatever the hell they wanted. I’d be screaming like a schoolgirl going, “HAYAY, watchu want? Swampland? Desert? Mountains? I got ’em all. Right heah. They are good to go.”

You won’t catch me on a front line risking my life for anything. I wear a round yellow pin that says, “Yellowbelly” on my lapel. Maybe after a bottle or two or four, but sober? Never. I have the upmost respect and admiration for men who have the bravery to stand up for principles or for their country. Risking their lives for others? My God. Strangers, even. Goodness.

Four women today celebrated their birthdays at an old folks home and each of those ladies was over 100 years old. How horrible to have to lose those you love. I still think of my deepest loves. I wonder if they are right with me in another form. Invisible, intangible… or is it my fancy? Who knows? My husband has unshakeable faith. He KNOWS there is a God. My mom did too. I have been shown over and over just by the sheer fact that I am here, yet still I am ungrateful at times and doubtful. I wonder how many times my mom and dad have had to intercede for me with God so that I am not burnt up in a flash of lightning. I was so bullheaded that I would have lit a cigarette off that lightning and kept on going. What a fool. I am thankful that I am surrounded by others with strong faith, like maybe it protects me. My little mustard seed.

OK, so maybe my choice of dessert would not go over so well in another household. I was craving cake, it is a holiday so therefore, reason to bake one but maybe I should not have chosen RED VELVET. I love colors and their symbolism but maybe spilled blood on veteran’s day for dessert was not such a good idea. Then again, maybe it could be in honor of those who gave their life. I just know this would not have gone over well in public. If I keep my mouth shut, I wonder if anyone would even make the connection between the color of the cake and the reason for the holiday. I am going to see, maybe it is me reading too much into things. It probably is. Like I like to tell people who do it too, sometimes a banana is just a banana. Quit reading too much into things.

OK, nobody said anything about the cake being RED. My daughter and I played Scrabble and she beat me. Nobody has beat me for like 25 years and I did not try or something but she beat me. Then I said, “Let’s play again.” She said, “OK.” I said, “My first word is going to be formaldehyde. Then “consciencious” followed by “stethescope” and then “cow.” We had a blast. She has good taste in music, my little one. I wonder what it is like for her to discover groups like Black Sabbath and Metallica, stuff that has been around for ages. Then she knows “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash, which I had never heard of, or did but did not pay attention to. My husband walked in on us RIGHT after I had put on some OLD Pink Floyd, “Breathe” from “The Dark Side of the Moon.” I said, “I don’t know what the hell kind of music this child is listening to. Must be the friends she is hanging out with at school.” We laughed hard at that one because it was all me. I love doing that to her.

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