Now is the Time

It is COLD here. It dipped down into the 60’s. Locals pulled out their parkas, mittens and scarves. People from up north, specifically Minnesota, put on their shorts and t-shirts and said, “What a bunch of wimps. We could run naked in this.” (and they could)

I am freezing. A lady from Minnesota called me yesterday. I told her I was wearing pants and socks and I was freezing. She said, “That is a bad thing?” I said, “It is when you are used to shorts and a t-shirt all the time.” She laughed and chided me for being inside on such a “beautiful” day. It was windy and cold and I made soup. I would never last up North. Never. I hate the cold. I can’t imagine living in this misery. You really have to love the people you live with up there because in the winter you are stuck inside with them. I wonder how many people cannot stand being locked up inside with their families. It must drive some people crazy. I am lucky to have the ones I live with. We manage to have fun and not argue much over stuff. I aim for “family time” and quality time and all that because I realize that all too soon, I will lose it. The daughter will grow up and get a boyfriend because she is gorgeous and then we won’t matter much anymore. That is the sad truth. I did not leave my family for a boy, well if you count Jose Cuervo and Johnny Walker. They took precedence in my time. I just pray they won’t be an influence on my daughter and her friends. That is my greatest wish right now… that they won’t make the same mistakes I did.


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