The Christmas Mercado

The Christmas Mercado is only two weeks away. It will be a festival kind of gathering in front of Louie’s Backyard. There will be booths, live music, food and vendors and I am going to be one of the vendors. I am actually going to have TWO booths and multitask and do both. I just got the ULTIMATE approval last night and right now. Last night, my sister said, “Wow,” when she got the pictures I sent of the two artworks I had done and right now, my boss said he loved them. I could have had three famed art critics come by and it still would not have meant as much to me as the approval of those close to me.

Speaking of those close to me, I am trying to get into shape. The only exercise I find I can last long at is bicycling so today was so beautiful and sunny, that I figured I’d better put some action behind all the talk and really go outside and enjoy life instead of letting it slip by. I could not find my little MP3 player so I borrowed my daughter’s. My daughter’s is an Ipod. She showed me very quickly how to use the menu, advance the songs and do some round motion for the volume control. It’s so stupid. I actually had to stop riding my bike, plant my feet on the street and stop to figure out the stupid thing. I pushed advance, it wouldn’t advance. The round motion for the volume only succeeded in changing the songs, the artists and other weird stuff came out on the screen. The volume would go up and down by itself as I was riding. Well, I had messed with it so much and did not know what I was doing so bad that when I gave it back to my daughter when I returned, there were no words on the screen… only characters. Somehow in all my pushing and rotating and sliding and messing with that thing, I switched it to Chinese. For real. She gave me this look like, “Oh, no.” The worst part was the hieroglyphics were so uninterpretable that she could not tell which spot meant settings so she had no clue how to undo what I had done. I was so sorry. She finally could tell she was on the right track when she turned it into Greek then back to English. I told her I would take a tech class. She said, “MMmmm Hmmmm.” I have spent most of today promoting, promoting, promoting. I hope that some of my online work gets results. You can never tell you know. I only know that people are reading this blog by the statistics I get back. In other places online, I don’t get that, but I hope that all the work I am doing for other people pays off because we ALL benefit from it.


One Response to The Christmas Mercado

  1. robin says:

    Tell us which booth will be yours. I will be sure to visit!


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