Mexican Trip

A while back I posted pics and a story about a trip to Matamoros I took.

My daugher had the audacity to call us poor and I arranged to have us go on a trip to the Matamoros dump where people live without electricity. It was meant to teach her that cable, air conditioning, her cell phone and other things that we have are called LUXURIES and that even shoes are a luxury for some people. Now when it is cold, I think of that little community and wonder how they are faring in the freezing cold. I am cold in my socks because I have not bought slippers yet but I have a heater in my room and can slip under any of my warm blankets to warm up. These people can’t.


Cooking without electricity.


No Maytag.



I get mad when my cable or Internet goes out.





I hope that now that the economy is worsening in the United States, people will not be so aloof to the poor and treat them as if they are lepers.


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