I am watching some old clips of the Dean Martin roasts. He said of Frank Sinatra, “He was born an unwanted child. Now he is wanted in five states.”

“He had a very lonely childhood. When he was eight, his father took him aside… and left him there.”

Boy, now those were some good-looking men back then. I think that the men I grew up watching on TV influenced the men that I think are handsome now. I grew up watching Mannix and Hawaii Five’O and I liked Robert Stack and Dean Martin and really handsome men. That is why I do not find the punks they call hunks now attractive. I would not let some of these guys that these idiot girls call “hot” near my barn. This “thug” idiocy is insane. Who the hell would idolize a criminal? Make your own money punk instead of stealing someone else’s.

Anyway, the men I find attractive are handsome, clean-cut men who don’t look like they just carjacked somebody or need a sammich. I think I am very lucky to have met and married the man I did because he is classically handsome in the old-style sense. He has a handsome face and it is a pleasure to see him, smiling or not. Some guys have to smile to make their face attractive and some guys just are. Isn’t it strange how women have to wake up and put foundation on their face, then powder, then color the eyes, lips, cheeks, eyelashes, line the lids, blow dry and curl the hair, put lip gloss on, put heels on, put a flattering outfit on and then double and triple check sometimes to make sure they look good while men just have to wake up to look good? I have found that unfair. I have to use mirrors and smoke and hydraulic equipment sometimes to look good. The hubby wakes up and boom, he’s good. Not fair.

These are some of the handsome babes from yesteryear:


Robert Stack


 Dean Martin                                                                


pierce-brosnan                mannix

 Pierce Brosnan               Mike Conners




the brunette from Adam-12

Rock Hudson         

rock-hudson  rock-3  rock-2           



         Jack Lord                         


 Robert Wagner = “JONATHAAAAAN!!”

 Elvis was so good-looking he deserves three pictures… 

elvis-3  elvis-1  elvis-2

Today’s “hunks”…

johnny-depp          brad-pitt     

Johnny Depp                     Brad Pitt    


 Keanu Reeves                               some ass   



             Wolfface Nicholson             Owen Wilson        

lil-wayne         snoop-dogg

lil wayne                           Snoop Dogg   


  Seal married a supermodel?          


Joel and Benji Madden (was dating Paris Hilton)


                  Paula Poundstone

John Mayer (dating Jennifer Aniston)   Are they twins?


Singer for Red Hot Chili Peppers  


                         Tommy Lee of Pamela Anderson fame

(Do you get any of this?)



another ass

ice-cube                 ice-t1         

Ice – T                                      Ice Cube

Stay away from my house, not just my daughter, please!


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