Cold Front

 Though South Padre Island is certainly paradise,  we are not impervious to cold fronts that have devastated the rest of the United States.

 We got a cold front yesterday that had the fishermen hightailing it out of the bay.


You could literally see the bad weather pushing away the good weather.


I rode my bike, as I had been bicycling and enjoying the beautiful weather before this came in, down to the end of the street to see the beautiful weather that we are so accustomed to be completely pushed out of the picture, literally.


The temperature has PLUMMETTED to a deadly 50 degrees and will be right back up to 85  by this weekend. Why aren’t you here? I spoke to a man who said the wind chill in Iowa was -35 yesterday. I said, “Why aren’t you here?” He said, “I don’t know.” (They are waiting for a grandchild to be born then they are coming to paradise.) If you are in a place that is colder than 50 degrees, you need to consider coming down to South Padre Island on the southernmost tip of Texas where the beach is beautiful, the food is great, things are affordable and life is good. The island gets many visitors in January and February due to the horrible cold weather that is freezing the rest of the nation. To find out more about this wonderful area click here.


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