That’s MRS. Betty Crocker to you.

I said that this next year was going to be my best year. I said that I  resolve to try new things and this is what happens when you actually do go for it.

I entered a cookoff today. I had only made this cake once before and had even modified the recipe so I gambled.


It was a pumpkin-caramel cake with pecans on top and pumpkin/Cool Whip filling in between the layers.


There were other desserts as contenders.


There were lots of different types of entries.


but people seemed to like mine.




“You like me, you really, really like me,” was Sally Field’s most stupid line uttered so I didn’t say it.


Betty Crocker called. She is not happy. She wants her cut.


I hope everybody reading this blog takes the challenge to live the next year with more gusto and willingness to take that extra step and really involve yourself in living life. I refuse to passively watch others living life actively and enjoying it. I plan to go for it and relish every moment I can. It feels great to try and win, instead of not try and let life pass you by. May we all enjoy this next year as best we can.

6 Responses to That’s MRS. Betty Crocker to you.

  1. Sam Wells says:

    You can do it. Ya did it. That was cool but question – did you jigger some Bourbon into the cake or not? LOL! -sammie

  2. sandy feet says:

    (I still think the addition of a bit of bourbon is not a half-bad idea 😉

  3. Com’on now – I’m trying to lose weight… I almost licked my computer screen…

  4. lovesandiego says:

    I’m going for it! Thanks for the inspiration. =D

  5. trackerman75 says:

    I would love to take a bite of that cake but Iam a diabetic…looks real nice–do you have a sugarless cake I can try?????

  6. I do not have an equivalent but will look into it. With the advent of all these new artificial sugars, it is possible to get sooo close to what regular sugar eaters can eat. I was borderline diabetic as a child in the 70’s and I had to use that saccharin that came in a bottle or Sweet-and-Low and Sweet-n-Low has NEVER been sweet. I always wondered why I was being forced to use saccharin, which says right on the bottle causes cancer in laboratory rats, or something to that effect. The most interesting lady I met this year was one who lost weight by dealing with her eating addiction, then no longer had to use insulin. Makes you wonder just what losing that extra weight can do, huh? I am walking one hour every day on nice days and have dropped 22 lbs in two months. Join me in walking more and eating less bad-4-U foods.

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