Can You Believe?

January 28, 2009


Can you believe that it was only a little over a month ago when everyone was singing glad tidings?


Everyone was in good spirits and there were spirits everywhere?


Beautiful Santa’s helpers were only too glad to help.


Children excitedly waited for the annual visit by dear Old Claus and told him their deepest desires.


He listened with patient ear…


and was the most popular guy in town.


These adorable reindeer were decorated and hung on the Christmas tree with care.








I have found that the people here in this small town have the same giving and caring spirit year round.


Today was 76 degrees, warm and sunny and these memories of Christmas are long gone in some people.  Toys have broken and gifts returned but I will never forget what a wonderful season it was.

Grapefruit Sale

January 27, 2009

If you want FRESHLY PICKED grapefruit, please call the Martinez family at 956-233-9660 or 210-723-3002 or send an email to for some sweet, freshly-picked Rio Red grapefruit from their farm at 104 Chachalaca Dr. in Bayview, Tx.

The grapefruit will be in season until June ’09. They can deliver 5 bags or more in Port Isabel, SPI, Los Fresnos, or Bayview. $5.00 – 18 lb. bag or $6.00 – bucket or pick your own.

Dolphin Heroes

January 24, 2009


                                  (photo credit-

Dolphins have been said to be angels in animal form. Here is an example:

Dolphin Heroes Save Swimmers

Last November four lifeguards were on a training swim about 100 yards off
shore at Ocean Beach in New Zealand when a pod of six or seven bottlenose
dolphins suddenly appeared. “They started to herd us up,” said Rob Howes,
one of the four swimmers. “They pushed all four of us together by doing
tight circles around us, rather like a sheepdog rounding up sheep.”

Then they saw why. A great white shark was cruising toward the group only 7
ft below the surface, “as clear as the nose on my face.” The dolphins had
moved in to protect the swimmers, slapping the water with their tails,
presumably to deter the shark. They surrounded the swimmers for 40 minutes
and did not open their circle to allow the lifeguards to swim to shore until
the shark had disappeared. The four swimmers were saved thanks to the heroic
efforts of these gentle mammals. Auckland University marine mammal research
scientist Rochelle Constantine said that the dolphins’ altruistic response
was normal. “They like to help the helpless.”


Todo Padre Is Back!

January 23, 2009


This series I am doing for the South Padre Network has taken me from one end of the valley to the other to see the “best of the best” and record it on film. You can imagine how I felt when I typed in “TodoPadre” on a site and it said, “TodoPadre has been removed.” My heart sunk because of all the work I have put into this series. To think of all the work it represented and all the great photos I took, lost? Also, the students in my Spanish classes saw the triple meaning of “Todo Padre” and marveled at the beauty of the name once analyzed, to think I had lost that “spot” with that name on the Internet really saddened me. It darkened my day but I figured that since I had been trying to run with the wolves like JW and some other technical people, I figured I must have done it myself when trying to export and import blogs. I am horrible at beating myself up mercilessly in my head so I chalked it off to technical ignorance and wrote to  some people. Now imagine my relief and joy to see it back  Somehow, somebody resurrected it from the dead for me. Here are just a few of the photos that represent some of the areas interesting spots and people.

Hearing the rush of the water is the best thing about being near to the Anzalduas Dam.


Everyone is blessed to have so much water around to play in.


This majestic building is the newest beauty on South Padre Island, the Sapphire, a true gem.


As I traveled the valley, this picture and the story of these men who devoted their lives to spreading Catholicism kept resurfacing. It was neat to be able to link everything together: my path, their path, what they established, etc.


 This earthen oven is still one of the coolest things in my book.


This part of the world is beautiful, no matter how many people speak negatively and constantly put it and its people down. I see true beauty in it and the history behind it. Maybe we all should look at this as not a pile of bricks but wonder who the people were who used it and what their lives were like. There is so much more to the world than its surface and we have only scratched it. You are welcome to join me on my quest for the best of the best on and join in discovering the beauty of the area. We will continue to feature the neatest and most interesting things around.

Funny Stuff

January 23, 2009


The ultimate comic to me is now Don Rickles who I used to hate as a child but now see his irreverance as funny. We are watching a movie called, “The Don Rickles Project” (from Netflix) and it is hilarious. He told a lady after he asked her what her ancestry was, “If you are not Chinese, you’d better get your eyes fixed.” Such irreverance! Such disregard! Such audacity can  only be pulled off by Mr. Warmth himself, Don Rickles. People around me have been funny enough though lately.

Someone said that when Obama was standing in front of all those people during his inauguration this was going through his mind… “So this is what it was like to be Freddie Mercury.” I LOL and wondered where some people come up with this stuff.

I was going through Laguna Heights right now and saw a children’s rehab, one of many I have noticed sprining up everywhere, and wondered, “Just how bad IS the meth problem in America?”

A New Beginning

January 21, 2009

images11  The country was awash  today in excitement. Images of the crowds attending the inauguration were amazing. We are celebrating now by taking time off to reflect upon all the blessings that we have in this country. God Bless America!

Newfound Prosperity

January 20, 2009

images1Today was a wonderful day. I spent the morning laughing and learning from some Winter Texans ironically, I was teaching a class. I am constantly learning but Winter Texans have a lifetime of wisdom to share and I wish that they were here for more than two months. Anyway, I left class with a sense of fulfillment and happiness that was outwardly visible. I went to help a friend because I had the liberty to, it being my day off, and she asked what I liked to read. I told her I read books about positive thinking and the manifestation of that in your life. She said she was not surprised as I was a good example of how it works. I don’t know if it is the direct cause of what happens to me but I would like to believe it is so because I must practice positive thinking because I cannot stand the alternative. Negativity spreads fast and can destroy even the happiest person’s day if they do not guard themselves. I call it the “black brush”and have it coat my rainbow a few times when I cannot overpower it or leave the environment to avoid it. So I do practice positive thinking and though I am not into crystals and knowing about new age stuff, I do believe that practicing positivity garners positive results. I believe that

My husband’s  phone has begun to ring because people are now asking about charter fishing trips. Now that the weather is getting warmer people are wanting to be outside enjoying the warm sunshine. It was 85 degrees today and I felt the radiation of the sun on my skin enough to remind me of how hot summers are here. I am also bringing in income to the household and now have about four jobs. The truth is I have more than that but they are “on call” jobs and I am called as needed. The four jobs I have are part-time and somehow I am able to handle them all with personal time left over for me. I hope that this good spell continues and that the winds of prosperity do not change soon. Prosperity brings peace and peace is now a very desirable blessing that I desire. I used to think that the peace that my mother enjoyed in her life was boring but now that I am older, I see how wise people see that drama and chaos is a distraction and a drain on one’s spirit and life. Peace is golden.