Newfound Prosperity

images1Today was a wonderful day. I spent the morning laughing and learning from some Winter Texans ironically, I was teaching a class. I am constantly learning but Winter Texans have a lifetime of wisdom to share and I wish that they were here for more than two months. Anyway, I left class with a sense of fulfillment and happiness that was outwardly visible. I went to help a friend because I had the liberty to, it being my day off, and she asked what I liked to read. I told her I read books about positive thinking and the manifestation of that in your life. She said she was not surprised as I was a good example of how it works. I don’t know if it is the direct cause of what happens to me but I would like to believe it is so because I must practice positive thinking because I cannot stand the alternative. Negativity spreads fast and can destroy even the happiest person’s day if they do not guard themselves. I call it the “black brush”and have it coat my rainbow a few times when I cannot overpower it or leave the environment to avoid it. So I do practice positive thinking and though I am not into crystals and knowing about new age stuff, I do believe that practicing positivity garners positive results. I believe that

My husband’s  phone has begun to ring because people are now asking about charter fishing trips. Now that the weather is getting warmer people are wanting to be outside enjoying the warm sunshine. It was 85 degrees today and I felt the radiation of the sun on my skin enough to remind me of how hot summers are here. I am also bringing in income to the household and now have about four jobs. The truth is I have more than that but they are “on call” jobs and I am called as needed. The four jobs I have are part-time and somehow I am able to handle them all with personal time left over for me. I hope that this good spell continues and that the winds of prosperity do not change soon. Prosperity brings peace and peace is now a very desirable blessing that I desire. I used to think that the peace that my mother enjoyed in her life was boring but now that I am older, I see how wise people see that drama and chaos is a distraction and a drain on one’s spirit and life. Peace is golden.


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