Dropping the ball

February 16, 2009


Go to http://purepadre.wordpress.com for what you want to see.

New Home for Pure Padre

February 8, 2009

Please go to http://purepadre.wordpress.com to see the new home of Pure Padre. The other blog was too hard to manage with all the frustrating technical problems.

Kite Festival Today

February 1, 2009

 Today was the kite festival on the flats at South Padre Island. It was very busy today with so many people everywhere. It is wonderful to see so many people out and about in this fantastic weather.

Tomorrow will bring more of the same and I will post pictures of the best of the best for you. Followers continue to increase for the best inside scoop on this blog and on www.purepadre.blogspot.com. I am so blessed.