Todo Padre

South Padre Island is the perfect paradise. This blog is for those who want to be in paradise, already live in paradise or are trying to create their own paradise. This is a place to come when you need an uplifting, inspirational, educational, humorous, entertaining or heart-warming dose of life, love, and God. Here we will share our experiences and hopes and dreams and allow goodness to rule in our lives and bring light to any dark spots. As the name says, “Todo Padre”… everything’s beautiful.

5 Responses to Todo Padre

  1. Steven Wiseblood says:

    Yes, I love South Padre island, and I live and work here on the island. I hope to make many contributions in the future to this blog!

  2. Steven Wiseblood says:

    I live and work here on the island and hope to start contributing to thie blog!

  3. Jason Yetter says:

    The South Padre Island Forum is a free non-profit community bulletin board. Everyone is welcome to join in to discuss issues and events concerning our island. We invite you to join us.

  4. John Haga says:

    The Island Princes took some pictures of my kite at the SPI kite festival and did an exellent job and included them in the blog on the above website. I am the man from Michigan with the airplane kite and I wanted to make contact with her to thank her. How do I reach her? She can email me at


  5. JoAnna says:

    So excited I got to see you… love ya !

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