Life is Funny

November 7, 2008

This morning we were on our way to work over the Queen Isabella Causeway, the longest causeway in Texas, when my husband said, “Look at the water.” I replied, “It looks like glass.” Then we saw the funniest thing. A pelican was coming in for a landing on the water but he was going too fast so when his beak hit the water he was propelled over and did a flip onto his back. He recovered but shook his head as if saying, “WTH?” I wonder if birds can die of embarrassment. I am sure he was wondering if any girls were watching.  Poor thing. Such is life. I guess this proves EVERYBODY has bad days.

Just Another Day on the Bay – Beautiful South Padre Island

October 11, 2008
Can you see the moon in the sky?

Can you see the moon in the sky?

Just looking at the picture above gives you an idea of how picturesque it is in the South Padre Island area of South Texas. This was taken even before I went out on the bay.
This sailboat's size amazed me. What economic crisis?

Big sailboat.

 This boat’s sheer size caught my attention.

I envied this kayaker because but it is something I have always wanted to do. It must be awesome being able to be on the water like that and powering yourself across such a wide expanse of water. It must feel awesome!



 Even concrete can look cool sometimes.




Headed out to the bay for some fishing.



Can you see the teeth on this guy? These take skill to catch.