Cheapest Gas in the Nation

October 22, 2008

The mention of bargain hunting in a conversation today on South Padre Island reminded me that I had not posted these last photos I wanted to post. These were taken two days ago. It cost $53.00 to fill up four 5-gallon gas cans PLUS the car, where it used to cost just that to fill up the car when this gas price fiasco first started. I also heard on the news that this was the cheapest gas in the nation.

The cheapest gas in the nation can be found in Harlingen across from the Olive Garden. It is in front of Walmart and right on the corner by expressway 77/83.











Yet I just drove by the Stripes in Port Isabel and the gas was $2.45/gallon and in Laguna Heights it was $2.75/gal. I must have skipped that day in math class ’cause it just don’t add up.