Beginning Anew

August 17, 2008

If you think about it, you start life anew every morning. It is a lifesaver really, that light. All the doubts and fears plaguing you and tormenting you in the darkness are wiped away by day’s light. Thank God for that. One of my favorite adages is “There must be rain in order for there to be a rainbow.” Lord knows, I have been through some thunderstorms, but all in all, they occur so that we can appreciate the light after the darkness. Sometimes, when I am feeling discouraged, I remember that ‘for everything, there is a reason’ and if the bad times I went through were so that I could have good times again, times of real and true happiness, well, then it was all worth it wasn’t it? The laughter of my child, the smile I bring to someone’s face, the alleviation of another’s pain, the hope I am able to bring another person… that is what it is all about. I hope that you can learn to look at the hard times in your life like that. It is fruitless to ask, “Why?” because the only meaning that really matters is the one that has meaning for you, one that will profoundly affect your life. Obviously, people are going to say, “Well, you kept on making the same mistakes over and over so obviously you weren’t learning anything.” I wasn’t. I had to get pulled out of my situation and be put in a position where I could look at my life objectively. People who are stuck in horrible situations cannot see the way out. They are like a tire stuck in the sand here on beautiful South Padre Island. The tire spins round and round and round never making any headway or breaking any new ground. Something or somebody, namely God or your Higher Power, has to be able to break through the denial and the hardheadedness and the course, impenetrable layer of junk that has been holding you down. It feels wonderful to get pulled out, doesn’t it? I have seen people jump up and down and yell, “Alright!” when their vehicles have been pulled out of the sand they were stuck in. I was pulled out and this is the place where I am going to pull others out of the rut they may be in. There is nothing like being pulled out of the seeming quicksand and put back on your path so that you may continue on your journey. This blog is going to be a place where people can be pulled out of the sand or help pull others out of the sand. What a beautiful place, our paradise.