Funny Stuff

January 23, 2009


The ultimate comic to me is now Don Rickles who I used to hate as a child but now see his irreverance as funny. We are watching a movie called, “The Don Rickles Project” (from Netflix) and it is hilarious. He told a lady after he asked her what her ancestry was, “If you are not Chinese, you’d better get your eyes fixed.” Such irreverance! Such disregard! Such audacity can  only be pulled off by Mr. Warmth himself, Don Rickles. People around me have been funny enough though lately.

Someone said that when Obama was standing in front of all those people during his inauguration this was going through his mind… “So this is what it was like to be Freddie Mercury.” I LOL and wondered where some people come up with this stuff.

I was going through Laguna Heights right now and saw a children’s rehab, one of many I have noticed sprining up everywhere, and wondered, “Just how bad IS the meth problem in America?”