A Rose By Any Other Name Would Not Smell As Sweet

August 20, 2008

The most beautiful women are right here, right around me in my circle of friends. I have been so blessed to meet and keep actual diamonds where other people don’t have anything even close to the women I know.

My best friend I will call Daisy, no Rose, because she is just that. A rose is beautiful, outstandingly beautiful but sharp if you don’t treat it right. Rose will not put up with crap, doesn’t have time or is not stupid enough to. You know how some women are smart enough to know better than to waste their time listening to other people’s BS? Younger women idiotically listen to the crap people spew whether it be from a man, a repairman, a clerk, or some other idiot explaining why it has taken 4 days to do what could have been done in 2 hours. Rose is smart, beautiful, and experienced enough to live life because she knows that is what life is all about. Eliminating the crap and enjoying the good. She has a very good life. She is beautiful, funny and smart and her family and friends reflect that. She is proud of her family and rightfully so. She has come so far, from almost losing everything to having more than most people could ever dream of having. She has been my strength in times of weakness, my knowledge when I needed to learn, my comfort when I needed it, and my savior at times.

Rose is incredibly beautiful. On the inside, she is the most caring and generous person you could ever meet. Not one birthday has gone by where I don’t expect to hear from her or get a cake from her. At my age, birthdays have been narrowed down to a call from my brother and sister congratulating me for surviving another year, and my immediate family taking me out to dinner. So yeah, when your little circle is down to 5 people, way down from the near hundred you experienced as a child or when you were really doing well, that birthday friend means alot. Rose isn’t a steadfast friend only when it is an important calendar day; she is there when it is just another sunny day. She’ll come over and we’d pick chiles off my plant, or dive into a great snack or just talk about all kinds of stuff. She is so sweet, funny and pretty, I could just talk to her for hours and hours. I recently spent the night at her house and we ended up having a great time just doing jigsaw puzzles, snacking ALL night long, and spending good quality time together, the kind we should have been spending many many years ago instead of frittering time away.

On the outside, Rose is beautiful. Sometimes I will catch a glimpse of her and say to myself, “Wow, she is really beautiful.” She said she has Greek in her. Her mom was a stunner as well. I am not the only one who thinks she is spectacular; she won a beauty pageant once. The only thing I ever won was a drawing for some free gas, and that was fixed. (I stuffed the box myself.)

I look up to her like a big sister. She could sit Rachel Ray and any of those other women down and teach them a thing or two about how to put an incredible meal together whether it is for two or twenty-two. She can cook, clean, sew, be artistic, be a healer, be a friend, be a confidant, be a guide, be so many things all wrapped up into one. With beauty, too. Amazing isn’t it? She is. I thank God that I am blessed with diamonds like her in my life. During times of darkness in my life brilliant rays of light shine through. They are coming from the diamonds, diamonds which are my friends.

How to Find the Perfect Man in Five Easy Steps

August 20, 2008

Many women think that finding that perfect man will give them the one thing that is still lacking in their life. Many factors must come into play before you find that perfect man.

1. You have to be ready, emotionally, financially, and completely. This means not overwhelming him with your neediness, financial hardships, emotional instabilities and dependencies. You have to be ready to lose some independence should this man move in or become your husband. No longer will you be able to come and go as you please or do exactly as you please. As horrific as this seems, it is part of the give and take that is necessary to make a relationship work. As much as you want that phone number for that hot tight-bodied pool guy, you must remember you have something much better now, a committed relationship.

2. You have to not expect it or be looking for him. As crazy as this may sound, you will find the perfect man when it is right, not when you want it. A friend of mine is constantly aggravated due to her inability to find a good man. I suggested that maybe it was because when the time was right to meet one of them,(Yes, there are many, many great men out there), she was with a loser and lost out on her chance to meet Mr. Right.

3. You have to get out there. Get comfortable in your own skin and get out into society. There are many many ways to do it. Find out what chamber of commerce events are scheduled and go or volunteer for a welcoming committee. Join a book club, gardening club, support group or volunteer group. There are so many organizations and groups that have a dire need for volunteers that the animals that you walk, the beauty you create, the friends’ lives that you will bless are a direct result of you just getting out there.

4. Exercise. Get out and walk in the morning, afternoon, or take a calming sunset walk. Listen to your favorite tunes on an MP3 player or take your dog or a neighbor’s for a brisk walk to unwind or to get in touch with the beauty of God’s nature. You will begin to get toned, lose weight and feel more comfortable and pleased with your appearance. This will result in some new items for your wardrobe and a new jump in your step, a genuinely friendly smile that magnetically brings smiles to other people’s faces.

5. Be patient, don’t give up and remember that there is no perfect man just as there is no perfect woman. Everyone has hangups, baggage, quarreling families, insecurities, bad habits and gas once in a while. When you meet this friend whom you will discover is interesting, charming, funny, romantic, respectful, admirable, and at times, adorable, you will realize that he is not the perfect man, but he may be the perfect man for you. Give love a chance and you will realize that love makes things perfect.

For Christmas: 10 Surefire Ways to Make Yourself Happy Again Without Using Drugs or Alcohol

August 18, 2008

Okay it is December 11, 2008 now, my daughter’s birthday, and I just got paid. I am making waay less than what I used to make in my other job in another city and in another marriage, but it was a hellish life. I have traded being miserable but with a lot of money for being truly loved and having what I need and most of what I want. I watched the news this morning and it put me in a very bad mood: foreclosures, unemployment is at an all-time high, Obama going back on his campaign promises already, people who have gotten bail-outs took the money and went on a luxurious jaunt at an exclusive resort,etc. The world is going to hell in a handbasket and you are right in the middle of it is what the newscast is telling me. Today should be a great day of celebration for my family because we have a baby girl who is turning 15 today and yet here I am thinking about how screwed we are as a country  so I got to work, pissed off, dissatisfied, depressed and wishing I could be at the beach when I ran across this post I wrote in August. It made me feel better immediately. I hope it does the same to you in this stressful time: 

 If your first thought upon waking up is, “Oh yeah, I’m in this life,” do not despair. Here are ten ways to make yourself happy again.

1) Be grateful that you woke up. Think of your friends or relatives who have passed on and be grateful that you still have life and that they are around you in their spirit form, helping and guiding you at all times in spite of yourself. Be grateful that you have been given the day to choose whether you are going to be happy and have a positive outlook on life or be miserable, bitter and bring down other people’s lives.

2) If you are unhappy because of your employment situation, start looking for something else when you have time. Send out resumes, make phone calls, spread the word, scour the classifieds, look on the Internet, hand out flyers, and ask friends if they need extra work done around their houses. There is no shame in actively trying to better your situation.  Get cheap business cards made out and network, go to functions and events. Nothing will come to you if you are enclosed in the walls of your home. If you can’t leave your home, find out what is a legitimate job online and go for it. Write, paint, sew, plant, find something you can do to sell and you may find out that it can lead to many doors opening in the future.

3. If you are unhappy because of your domestic situation, save up money and move out. Don’t put it off because all we have is time. Time is life and the more time you squander the less life you will have to live. You don’t know what God has in store for you in your new life but he is not going to have an armored car drop a bag of bank money in front of your house. You need to actively move to a friend’s or a shelter or somewhere where you can stay until you get your own place. Your independence may be the happiness you have been needing this whole time.

4. If you are unhappy because of your romantic situation. Snap out of it. If you have a good partner, be grateful and then make moments special. Get back into the habit of letting that person know why you chose them and why you feel lucky to be the one who gets to be with them. Making them coffee and bringing them the cup while they are in bed in the morning is a nice touch and isn’t as expensive as roses. Romance does not have to be expensive. Look around and see how many people are miserable in the relationships they are in or in their loneliness and try to make yours work. Focus on how you would want to feel if you were in your partner’s shoes and take that extra step to show caring. That is what it is all about. What you put into it should result in a revitalization of an awesome partnership that results in feelings of self-worth, pride, security, love and better health for the both of you. If you are in a bad relationship, leave. Quit wasting your time and energy on something that is not beneficial, or pleasurable or sensible. Life is too short to waste. It takes guts to start over but you will be a better person for having the courage to take the needed steps to make a new life and create new happiness elsewhere. Don’t believe the cliche, “There are no good men/women out there,” because it is a complete lie. Amazing intriguing men and women are right here in your neighborhood possibly waiting for someone exactly like you. Realize how incredibly special and beautiful you are and quit selling yourself short. Get out there and do something about your situation!

5. If you are unhappy with your physical condition, take charge of what goes into your mouth and how much you move. It is simple; if you eat less than you burn, you will lose weight. Eat more fruits and vegetables than bad foods and get out there and exercise but be persistent and you will lose weight. I walked for at least 45 minutes (doctor-recommended time) every night for a year and lost 40 pounds just from walking. Of course, I cut out sweets, cokes, and all the bad stuff and it worked. Just stick to it; that is the hard part but the payoff is so worth it. You will be so happy to fit into normal clothes, find nice outfits to wear and take pride in your figure. It can really happen as it is a physical law. Output more than intake and you will lose weight. Guaranteed. You just have to move.

6. If you are unhappy because you cannot forgive yourself for what you have done in the past, whether it was to another person or yourself, you have to move on and get past it. It will be a struggle but you have to take your thoughts and purposely focus on the positive instead of negative, deprecating thoughts. It is the only way you will move on and succeed. It is a great struggle, one that you will battle everyday, but there is nothing you can do but accept what happened and work to deal with it on all levels.

7. If you are unhappy because you are addicted to a substance, get away from it. Dry out. Find other ways to find pleasure or pass the time. Find healthy outlets for yourself. You may have to change where you live and who your friends are but if you are seriously needing a life change, that is what it takes. Your health, both physical and mental depend on dealing with life without drugs and alcohol, or too much of anything. Practice healthy living and improving yourself physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

8. If you are unhappy because you have lost someone whether it is to death or to another situation, be grateful for the time you were able to spend with them. Forgive yourself for anything bad that you may have said or done to them for they have done it already. Whenever you get bad thoughts associated with your memories of that person, purposely change them to positive ones so that you can help yourself heal from that loss. On the other hand, if you are missing someone who was a bad influence on your life, it is better to remember the bad so that you do not remember only the good and start wearing rose-colored glasses. There are times when remembering the bad moments in a relationship is useful, especially when it is protecting you from a return to a hellish situation. Remember that the hope of the unknown is exciting because you don’t know all the good that may be in store for you. If you return to a bad situation you are deliberately eliminating the chances for any new good opportunities that that new course in life may offer..

9. If you are unhappy because of your spiritual situation, get back to your core beliefs and find out what you believe in and what you need to make you spiritually fulfilled. Find a way to worship that makes you comfortable and find a core set of beliefs that make you comfortable. Your soul, your direction and your life are yours alone and you are not to follow another’s beliefs because they are more powerful than you are. You are in charge of your soul and your spirit and therefore responsible for what you believe in. Practice your faith on a daily basis. Do what you know is right and your soul will be able to live with itself.

10. Stand on one leg and hop around then be happy you have two. Put one arm behind your back, try to do something, then be glad you have it back. Close one eye, then open the other one and be glad. If you have food, be glad. If you have a bed to sleep in at night, be glad. If you have luxuries like A/C, cable, Internet and possesions, be glad. Look around when you are out and about and know that as unhappy as you think you may be with your life, it is still a hell of alot better than most people’s.


In this trying time when people are feeling pressure to buy gifts and decorate their houses and run up their light bills while getting their hours cut and losing their jobs entirely, let us all learn to be happy with what we have. I pray I am able to be grateful for all that I have instead of longing for what I don’t. I pray that I don’t turn to any kind of method to make myself feel better that involves opening a bottle of pills or booze or anything else. I pray that I may continue to be the parent and spouse I should be instead of what I can become when I use that crap.  I believe the key word here is pray – pray that we all make it and when we get overwhelmed, step out of the picture, get away for awhile and know somehow, everything is going to be okay.

I know my readership has grown immensely and I want to share that should anyone need a place to turn during these horribly stressful times, and you need someone to talk to and understand, email me at padreprincess23@gmail.com I have been through hell myself and want you to know I will be available to talk to. Use a pseudonym if you want. I do not need to know who anyone is. I do not care. All I care about is that we make it through these times. Email me if you just want to rant and get stuff off your chest because you have no one else who will listen. I will. I promise.

Amazing Luck

August 17, 2008

I know how amazingly lucky I am to have the life and love and man I have right now. God works wondrous miracles. Here are some amazing tales of incredible luck.

In the Dent de Crolles region in France, shepard Christian Raymond, 23, was rescued from a cliff from which he had been hanging by his fingers. he had called the emergency rescue operator on his cell phone earlier in the day and managed to make another call from the cliff by pressing “redial” with his nose against the phone, which had fallen down the mountain with him but had landed right beside him. The Edge, March 25, 1999

A mistake on a national Pick 7 ticket was worth $1.6 million to a bettor who selected the wrong number on Breeder’ Cup Day. The 51-year-old engineer who bought the winning ticket said he punched 11 instead of 1 for his selection in the seventh race. “I liked the one and 11 horses in the sixth race, and I liked the No.1 in the seventh,” the bettor said. “But when I punched out my ticket for the seventh, I hit one and 11- the same numbers I had in the sixth – by mistake. The 11 turned out to be Arcangues, the unknown French horse who won the Classic at odds of 133 to 1.” It was the largest in Breeders’ Cup history. He had three other tickets with six winners, too, and collected a total of $1,152,317 after taxes.                           -Oops

Check this one out: Seaman Roy Dikkers during WWII was sealed in a compartment when a German torpedo struck his tanker, he was freed by a second torpedo explosion. Racing on deck, he found the sea around the floundering vessel ablaze with oil fires. He never had to make the fateful decision whether to stay with the sinking ship or risk the fiery sea. A third torpedo blew him far from the scene, beyond the oil slick. Landing near a floating raft, he crawled aboard and was found by a Norweigan freighter three days later.

  • Randy Halvorson was one of 14 employees to share a $3.4 million jackpot in 1988. The Iowa resident then won $7.2 million with his brother in 1990.
  • In Wisconsin, Donald Smith of Amherst has won the state’s Supercash game three times. Each time he won $250,000. The odds of winning the Supercash game just one time are nearly one in a million.
  • Joseph P. Crowley won $3 million in the Ohio lottery in 1987. Six years later, he retired to Boca Raton, Florida and played the Florida lotto on Christmas Day of 1993. He won $20 million. –The Good Luck Book

A Beautiful Beginning

August 17, 2008

This will be the blog I have wanted for so long. Things are finally coming together.  This blog is going to be a place where people can come and learn interesting things, read fascinating facts and stories, poetry, local events and such in paradise and especially come to be inspired when things are  going rough and life seems hopeless. Believe me, there are few people who deal with having to focus on happiness and being successful than me. I need it to survive. I live for it. I need good in my life and to feel good by doing good so this is the place I have chosen where in Spanish “todo padre” means all things are beautiful. This is my happy place and it will be the happy place for many others. I live by the beach in paradise but have to overcome much darkness in my mind: thoughts of failure and loss, regret and guilt. This is the place where people will come to get recharged, get a dose of God again, focus on love and goodness, hear stories of others who have made it through bad times and encourage others to do the same. You never know how your experience can help others. This is a place of hope, an everlasting spring of goodness and hope and love. This will be a safe place where you can come in and let me make you feel better. This will be our place.  Everyone needs a place where “todo esta Padre”. “Todo Padre” means all is beautiful in Spanish and this will be our beautiful paradise. Padre Island paradise and the paradise in our minds. We have the power to create a paradise in our lives. It will take work, hard work at times, but happiness is possible and can be the norm. Welcome.