Christmas on Tropical South Padre Island

September 28, 2008

Christmas in paradise is really like those Corona commercials you see on TV. Picture yourself relaxing in a lounge chair on the beach, cold beer in hand, watching the babes walk by and the waves rooollll in one after another. You would see people walking back and forth between you and the breaking waves, even on Christmas Day. Why? Because that is how it is down here. 87 degrees year round. We are planning to make this year’s Christmas on South Padre Island even better than last year’s with more opportunities for local businesses to get involved with creating the “Christmas Spirit.” This year should prove better than ever.

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise

September 27, 2008

87 degrees. Warm and breezy. That is how it is here practically year-round. Need I say more?

New Life to South Padre Island

September 23, 2008

A new project is underway that is going to breathe summer life into the “slow” season on South Padre Island. A collaborative effort between this writer and the South Padre Network is going to stir up excitement about coming to SPI for the winter and for next summer. I am going to get my tech skills honed meaning that will allow me to produce more and more interesting feature articles with graphics. Focusing on bringing more people to the island will result in a better environment for us all.

I think of all the knowledge that our Winter Texans will be bringing and it excites me. Padre Princesses will get off to a wonderful start and now things are rocking and rolling for my main job on the island. I love my boss and he loves me. He allows me a lot of freedoms but  he needs me. He needs someone honest who he can depend on. A pair of employees we had who were honest moved on to greener pastures and it hurt my boss very much. I will always be here for him though because he has taught me so much, loved me and my family so much and even threw me the best birthday party of my life last year. God is great and has done great things for him. . After tomorrow, I will focus back on the island, my lovely paradise, back on drawing people’s interest there and bringing them here. Tomorrow will be an awesome day filled with travel, prayer, bonding and God. I can’t wait!