Toasty the III

December 8, 2008

You would think such a beautiful placid scene would never have been the scene of a murder. 



The victim was heard screaming, “Some legs! Some legs! My kingdom for some legs!” Sadly, this was not Richard the III; it was Toasty the II, innocent victim of the most mysterious unsolved murder in South Padre Island’s history.

It was time for good to overcome evil in this world again and Sandy Feet came to the rescue.


From a shapeless mound of sand, she began recreating Toasty.





 I admired the skill and talent in those hands of hers


 and the gentle way she worked on him showed how big her heart is.


 Just as every student is unique to a teacher, or every client is to a businessman, so must it be with her creations. 


It must be neat to see what is in your mind come to fruition. 





After a lot of hard work on Sandy Feet’s part, Toasty was up and providing photo opportunities for Islandgoers of all ages.


No matter what paths life has in store for these girls, they will always have this photo to remind them of the awesome weekend they spent with us. It was the perfect topper for a weekend that included movies, pizza, ice cream, lighted boats, chocolate cake, a pirate ship, more ice cream,  learning about the history of the area at the museum, more ice cream with a pina colada cake, volleyball on the beach, a boat ride and finally, a root beer float to relax with… of course, made with ice cream. Thank you, Sandy Feet for not giving up and for having such a big heart. We LOVE you! You can find out more about Sandy Feet here.