For Big Momma, Lowfat Momma and My Other Friends up North

December 3, 2008

In H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine, the time traveller focuses on a mannequin as he travels through time. Her costume changes are a reflection of what is going on at the time. This house will be my mannequin. These photos were taken on Dec. 3, 2008 at 9:30 am so my readers up north can see what it is like down here.



People are out walking their dogs and beautifying their yards.




People take pride in their yards down here.


This boat was being prepared for a trip out. The weather is BEAUTIFUL today.


This photo was taken in Port Isabel on the way to South Padre Island. That is the Sapphire Condominiums with the twin towers in the background.



There is a HUGE flag to greet travellers as they enter South Padre Island.


 We have big wide medians full of lush foliage as soon as you get on the island.





 There are Christmas decorations up already.

 This was a close-up of the causeway that you come over to get to the island. Yes, I said, “CLOSE-UP.” My camera is “technologically-challenged” but all that will change today when Santa’s helper in the brown van delivers my new Christmas present. Two posts ago you can see my other Christmas present. I was sorely disappointed when I first rode it because it was not the “exercise machine” they purport it to be on TV. It was a fun toy. Now I am just sore. That thing does work. My biceps feel like I got a tetanus shot in both arms, twice. My shoulders hurt, my inner thighs hurt, my sides are sore and boy am I glad. That means I am using muscles when I ride that thing. My goal this next year is to get into shape for once in my life. I feel like Oprah, with this yoyo only I don’t have a personal chef and trainer to help me. I seriously wonder if anyone is ever happy with the way they look and if those who say they are have just given up on the battle. Well, this post is starting to be about weight and I wanted it to be about the beautiful weather for my friends up north. Big momma, maybe we can encourage each other to walk every day. I lost 35 lbs. two years ago by just walking 45 mins. every day without fail. It worked. Now I just walk to the fridge and back. Made a path, even… and we don’t have carpet. Yeah, I want to live life for once and not know I am not being all I can be. I can do it. We all can.



My pictures will improve tremendously with a camera that is worth a dime. Can you believe this is a closeup?


This is a closeup???  This is where I got that line from :


To see what the beach looks like here:

Christmas Came Early

December 2, 2008

Santa Claws came early this year. Actually, I ordered this in October and waited for weeks, put my faith in “the system”, and did not call to double-check the order. I just figured I would leave things alone and they would go as they should. WRRROOONNNGGOOO! I called to track the trikke after a few weeks and the girl told me there was no record of the order. I waited for weeks and weeks and those were weeks full of good weather and warm sunshine. This lady was telling me that even after Laquisha took my order, checked my address, double checked and repeated the credit card numbers out to me and told me to have a nice day, NOTHING was put into the computer. Now all I had was the cold winter months coming and I figured the bike would come just in time for the rain and slush and cold and mud. I had to reorder but luckily, it came today, DECEMBER 1st. I hope that the weather is sunny all through December so I can ride my new toy. My next goal is to lose enough weight by March to go public in a swimsuit, but look badass in it. It can be done. I have done it before. I lose enough to look good for an event, turn heads, then the next day it is right back to my old eating habits. This time I want to go for a complete year staying in shape. December 1st is the beginning of my new journey.




It looked challenging in the box.



After some easy assembly, it was ready to go. In just a few minutes, I was rockin and rollin’ rather leanin’ and slicing.


My new neighbor was putting a wreath together.


The iridescent butterfly was gorgeous.


She said, “I’m gonna have to do it in blue.” I said, “We are going to do our boat in blue for the South Padre Island boat parade. Blue and silver is beautiful.”

They gave my daughter a tour of her new house.







It is houses like this that led my daughter to call us poor. I am a little bit older than the child and am grateful to have a place to live.

Tonight, Venus, Jupiter and the moon were bunched together and posed for a group shot.