For Big Momma, Lowfat Momma and My Other Friends up North

December 3, 2008

In H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine, the time traveller focuses on a mannequin as he travels through time. Her costume changes are a reflection of what is going on at the time. This house will be my mannequin. These photos were taken on Dec. 3, 2008 at 9:30 am so my readers up north can see what it is like down here.



People are out walking their dogs and beautifying their yards.




People take pride in their yards down here.


This boat was being prepared for a trip out. The weather is BEAUTIFUL today.


This photo was taken in Port Isabel on the way to South Padre Island. That is the Sapphire Condominiums with the twin towers in the background.



There is a HUGE flag to greet travellers as they enter South Padre Island.


 We have big wide medians full of lush foliage as soon as you get on the island.





 There are Christmas decorations up already.

 This was a close-up of the causeway that you come over to get to the island. Yes, I said, “CLOSE-UP.” My camera is “technologically-challenged” but all that will change today when Santa’s helper in the brown van delivers my new Christmas present. Two posts ago you can see my other Christmas present. I was sorely disappointed when I first rode it because it was not the “exercise machine” they purport it to be on TV. It was a fun toy. Now I am just sore. That thing does work. My biceps feel like I got a tetanus shot in both arms, twice. My shoulders hurt, my inner thighs hurt, my sides are sore and boy am I glad. That means I am using muscles when I ride that thing. My goal this next year is to get into shape for once in my life. I feel like Oprah, with this yoyo only I don’t have a personal chef and trainer to help me. I seriously wonder if anyone is ever happy with the way they look and if those who say they are have just given up on the battle. Well, this post is starting to be about weight and I wanted it to be about the beautiful weather for my friends up north. Big momma, maybe we can encourage each other to walk every day. I lost 35 lbs. two years ago by just walking 45 mins. every day without fail. It worked. Now I just walk to the fridge and back. Made a path, even… and we don’t have carpet. Yeah, I want to live life for once and not know I am not being all I can be. I can do it. We all can.



My pictures will improve tremendously with a camera that is worth a dime. Can you believe this is a closeup?


This is a closeup???  This is where I got that line from :


To see what the beach looks like here:

Having a Best Friend

September 29, 2008

I have the best friend in the world. She is down-to-earth, smart, beautiful, kind and funny. We met many years ago through a mutual friend and discovered we lived on the same highway out in the picturesque outskirts of Brownsville, Texas . I had never had anyone willing to drive that far out to my house. I loved her energy. She used to show up at my house and try to get me to go swimming with her. She is the most beautiful and persuasive girl in the world. If I were a man, she’d own my soul. She has that way about her. One of her “victims” claimed he was under her “spell” he was so in love with her. So am I, in a normal sense. You just can’t know anyone that badass and not love them. She cooks in ways I don’t. She knows down-home REAL Mexican cooking, whereas mine has that “Americanized” twang. It’s kind of like the difference between a real flour tortilla and one bought off a shelf at HEB or going to a Mexican cafe downtown for Mexican food or going to a chain restaurant like that one in McAllen that used the cheddar cheese from a can. Never as bad as getting tamales out of a can, WTH is that? Who even came up with that?

I consider myself a smart, tough girl and she is the only girl I have met like me in that fashion.  She can hook up jumper cables to jump start a car and change the tire too. There are a few like that in the world but I am lucky to have this beautiful girl as MY best friend. She has done so much and stuck with me through thick and thin. I will not go into the “thin” part but she has stuck with me through the worst times of my life. There is very little we disagree on.

My friend has gone through an amazing transformation. Through sheer willpower and a little help she has gone from a very high weight to an almost normal weight. I have always had to work to get in shape. I just came from visiting her at her house and she looks gorgeous, absolutely beautiful. If only she knew how beautiful she looked. I always thought she was pretty, even at her greatest weight, but now that she has shed that unwanted baggage, she is stunningly beautiful. I am so proud of her for sticking to her diet and exercise regimen.

It feels so good to know that she will be there for life. I can easily picture us as friends when we are in our 70’s. We used to joke about it. How we would share a room in the old folks home and she would be enthralling men with her beauty and I’d be having keggers in the room and racing on wheelchairs. I still see it happening with her. She is just that cool. She is one of the reasons for my happiness now in life.

***New Note: October 3, 2008 My friend just got coldly dumped by her place of work. She had called them and they said the schedule wasn’t done. She called again. Still not done. Went in person and was told, “Oh, you’re not on the schedule.” She asked the manager what was going on. He said, “Oh, I had to let some people go. You’re one of them.” That was it. After FOUR YEARS of busting her ass as a waitress there, after being the only one to make sure other employees’ birthdays were remembered, after being the only one to organize and plan employee parties at Christmas and the like. She said none of that mattered. None of her kindness “meant anything.” I no longer have my best friend on the Island. After four years, nothing.