A Blessed Time of Year!

January 16, 2009

Why do so many people  come here?


Could it be the tropical beauty of the area?


The gorgeous sunsets?


The colorful characters you meet?


All I know is that our wonderful Winter Texans are here in full force and I am so happy! You want to talk about sweet, kind, wise people? They are here! Yay! What a wonderful time of the year!


My Day Off

December 19, 2008

I was driving through Port Isabel, TX on my day off and noticed people in the lighthouse tower. We pulled over to get a picture and I noticed Port Isabel’s got it going on.


Visitors are greeted with well wishes.


The lighthouse district was full of cars.


and people were visiting the shops.


Winter Texans are already down enjoying the 80 degree weather.


A large crowd had gathered and I wanted to see why.


The crowd was enthralled by this pirate’s incredible feats with fire.



This guy was making big fireballs and swallowing fire then lighting torches with the flames in his mouth.


This enthralling pirate had everyone entertained


and amazed.


I did not get pictures of the big flames because of … a technical error, yeah, that’s it.



Everyone’s attention was then called to the cannon.




The lady pirate hid from the inevitable, “BOOM!”


It was an Earth-shattering KA-BOOM!


So this is what Port Isabel is doing while I am working, you need to be down here in the great weather having fun with everyone else. For more on the winter fun click here.

The Fog Has Lifted

December 19, 2008

When a blast of cold, bad air comes into contact with a warm pocket of air, the weaker, warm pocket of air says, “Oh, hell no!” and runs down the street with its high heels clicking.

This is the cold, bad weather rolling in and establishing its turf on Padre Blvd. on South Padre Island at the southernmost tip of Texas.


The fog was so thick that the highrises seemed to vanish into thick air.


If you paid extra to stay at the Bridgepoint Condominiums’ penthouse that day, you got gypped.


The fog moved in and established its presence on the main drag, Padre Blvd.


and on the bay between the island and the mainland.



The fog made it hard to believe that this building


barely visible as your eyes rose


is the same as this in this picture I took today, Dec. 18, 2008.


Looks like a postcard, doesn’t it? I told you the island lends itself to great pictures. I am no photographer as this picture I took at a recent parade will prove.


That picture is in the hall of fame already and quickly becoming one of my favorites.

This magnificent building, The Sapphire, will be opening in 2009.


I went to the jetties area to get a shot of the boat that was stuck out there on the rocks and the salvaging process.


but I like focusing more on the people there.


You can see South Padre Island’s beautiful beaches here.

Cold Front

December 16, 2008

 Though South Padre Island is certainly paradise,  we are not impervious to cold fronts that have devastated the rest of the United States.

 We got a cold front yesterday that had the fishermen hightailing it out of the bay.


You could literally see the bad weather pushing away the good weather.


I rode my bike, as I had been bicycling and enjoying the beautiful weather before this came in, down to the end of the street to see the beautiful weather that we are so accustomed to be completely pushed out of the picture, literally.


The temperature has PLUMMETTED to a deadly 50 degrees and will be right back up to 85  by this weekend. Why aren’t you here? I spoke to a man who said the wind chill in Iowa was -35 yesterday. I said, “Why aren’t you here?” He said, “I don’t know.” (They are waiting for a grandchild to be born then they are coming to paradise.) If you are in a place that is colder than 50 degrees, you need to consider coming down to South Padre Island on the southernmost tip of Texas where the beach is beautiful, the food is great, things are affordable and life is good. The island gets many visitors in January and February due to the horrible cold weather that is freezing the rest of the nation. To find out more about this wonderful area click here.

Sunny today, high 70’s

December 12, 2008


 Do you want to go to the beach?


 or would you like some hot coffee?


We got snowmen salt-and-pepper shakers to match the new blue tablecloth then we found this adorable snowman cup.

He is replacing the recently departed “Pengui” cup that has gone on to the great iceberg in the sky.


It is a weird time here in South Texas where your house is decorated for Christmas with the lights and tree and everything yet we have this outside:


It snowed in Houston and New Orleans yesterday yet we have this down here in Texas.  What a weird world. It should be back up in the high 70’s today here.  Can anybody tell me why everyone isn’t down here enjoying life?

For Ruslan and my Other Friends up North

December 10, 2008

I am amazed at how much the readership of this blog has increased. I am now receiving feedback from all over the world and people are loving this blog. I will be forever grateful to JW, of the South Padre Network, for showing me enough about technology to have made this blog possible and glad I can bring smiles to so many people’s faces, all over the world now. That is amazing. This is for Ruslan, Matvey and Ludmila in Moscow, to show them that it is beautiful down here. The people are wonderful and we welcome you to our beautiful part of the world. Keep sending me emails at padreprincess23@gmail.com and send pics of your part of the world too. Thanks for all the well-wishers. I only learned how to blog in August so I only have few pictures in my gallery of photos. These are but a few.


South Padre Island is an island that is next to the southernmost tip of Texas. We are celebrating the Christmas holidays right now. A local sandsculpting master, Sandyfeet, created this masterpiece for the public to enjoy.


We even have a pirate ship docked here that is guaranteed fun.


We have a beautiful lighted boat parade that people come for miles around to enjoy.


We are right next to Mexico so you can get great Mexican food here.


We have areas with beautiful wildlife close by.


But when you are on Padre, the main draw is the beach.





This was a Valley Christian High School outing that was so much fun to be a part of.


The island has a beach side and a bay side. The beautiful sunsets over the bay are absolutely magnificent and awe the spectator.


The colors meld together in an amazing fashion.


The fishing is good. Gladiator II Offshore Adventures can take you on a private, personalized offshore or bay fishing trip.


Fresh fish is delicious and many island restaurants will prepare your catch for you. This is a typical catch when you choose Gladiator II Adventures for your bay fishing trip.


 The fishing is exciting and a learning experience here. These fish had a real bite!


It is a very tropical scene and the most populous tree  is the palm tree.


I am no photographer but this place is so beautiful anyone can take a gorgeous picture.


Especially if the model is gorgeous.


My dog, Princess, says come on down, the water’s fine! I only learned from my friend, JW, how to blog in August and these are just a few of the pictures I have taken since then. You can see the island through his camera eyes here. All I can tell you is that the people here are genuinely kind, friendly and helpful. The food is really good and affordable here. My other project of the best things to do in this area is a project in the works but you can see it here. I will post more later on but I have to help my daughter with a computer crisis. Know that if you choose to come here, you will have made a choice that your family will love!